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Location: Russikon (CH)

Services: new construction

Construction period: August - September 2014

Construction method: Widespan structure

Total area: 400 m²

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This greenhouse was not only laid out for special loads for suspensions, but include also a multifunctional space utilization. The bakery, located in the old building, café, flower shop and the Unicum merge into one another. The stylish ambient is complemented with a bus shelter on the main road. The heated greenhouse is 18 m long and 12 m broad and has a canopy, double-sided continuous ridge ventilation and a a bright shading.


Gastronomy a "must-have" in the garden centre?


now online available for reading!

Sauter grün erleben at Lahr

On 05 April opened the garden centre Sauter at Lahr (DE). We wish every success!