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Gardening Vollmer

Location: Appenweier (D)

Services: Planning and turnkey construction in the storage

Construction period: 7 months

Construction method: Venlo greenhouse, pent roof construction in the storage, special construction in the floristry

Total area: ca. 8.6500 m²

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The covering in the upright wall and in the roof area exists of glass, which allows a great transparency. In the walls was inserted only insulation glass with an Ug-value of 1,1 W/m²K. In addition was laid the covering material in multi-chamber aluminium systems, which prevent heat loss. The roof surface has a spacious roof ventilation. The shading could be closed (climate-controlled) and prevent additional heat loss. It emerge an isolating air cushion between roof and shading. With the use of a computer-based control and regulating engineering the energy use becomes optimized. The interaction between heating, ventilation, outside temperature etc. minimizes the degradation of energy and the whole climate management will improve. Energy saving: ca. 15%


Gastronomy a "must-have" in the garden centre?


now online available for reading!

Sauter grün erleben at Lahr

On 05 April opened the garden centre Sauter at Lahr (DE). We wish every success!