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Garden centres

Garden centre Wohlhüter - Palmencafé

Location: Gundelfingen (D)

The most recent section of construction involved the new construction of the restaurant with ancillary rooms and storage facilities.

Gartenwelt Dauchenbeck

Location: Stein (D)

A family run business with seat in Atzenhof and regional roots, have decided to create a second plant and flower center in the town of Stein.

Sauter grün erleben

Location: Lahr (D)

Sauter have opened their third “grün erleben“ garden center in Lahr.

Garden centre Kiefl

Location: Gauting (D)

The new garden centre is clearly designed with a consistent concept. An important element in the colour design is anthracite, which is interrupted by light wooden elements, such as those hanging outside on the gable of the barn.

Blumen & Garten Volz

Location: Lich (D)

The company’s relocation by the Reber-Volz family, has been an intelligent move from a strategic and economic viewpoint.

Garden centre Klima

Location: Valašské Meziříčí - Valmez (CZ)

Because of the great success with his gardencenter in Jindrivichuv Hradec, built in 2015, Filip Klima has decided to built a second gardencenter in the direct neighbourhood of his wholesale enterprise.

Gardening Vollmer

Location: Appenweier (D)

The new location provides not only accessibility, but also high transparency, an optimal allocation of space and sustainability through modern structures and technology.

Flover Garden di Ca' di David

Location: Bussolengo (I)

A garden center with a completely new appearance.

Dehner Gartenmarkt

Location: Waldshut-Tiengen (D)

The new garden centre with his balcony and the basement garage, catches the eye from a long way off.


Location: Goldbach (D)

The new garden center proudly presents itself with the height of 17 m.


Location: Mühltal (D)

What began with an idea sketch, is now ready for the opening in spring 2016.

Blumen Schönleber

Location: Altdorf (D)

After a construction period of only 6 months Blumen Schönleber opened its doors on November 14, 2015.

Garden centre Klima

Location: Jindrichuv Hradec (CZ)

The most beautiful garden centre in Czech Republic has opened in the South-Bohemian Jindrichuv Hradec. Filip Klima offers a complete garden centre assortment on a surface of 7500 m² in a highly appealing atmosphere. 


Location: Brunico - San Lorenzo (I)

The flagship of OBI Südtirol opened its doors in Brunico after eight months of construction works.

PassiFlora Gärtnerei & Floristik

Location: Buttenwiesen (D)

In only five the touch of a master has transformed the long-established Müller-Kratzer Garden Centre into PassiFlora Garden and Floristry Centre. 


Location: Halle / Westfalen (D)

The new greenhouse in the greenhouse is the special attraction of the extended Gardencenter Brockmeyer in Halle.



Blumen Klenk

Location: Aspach (D)

A perceptibly new appearance, both indoors and outdoors, arose from the extension and renovation work.


Location: Russikon (CH)

The builder-owner chooses the name "Unicum" not randomly. In the course of the new construction of appartments the unique greenhouse connect the classical old buildings with the modern new ones.

Gartenwelt Platter

Location: Appiano (I)

Just under a year ago the second generation of the family, who now run the business, decided that it would be a good idea to revise the layout and to improve the access routes. This idea blossomed into a very comprehensive renovation project, during which the entire garden centre was completely renovated.

Gartencenter Aebi-Kaderli

Location: Düdingen (CH)

The Rabensteiner Company planned the project around an existing solid building...

Bellandris Gartencenter Rehner

Location: Bad Kreuznach (D)

A new star in the Bellandris sky ...

Dehner Garten-Center & Zoo

Location: Ulla near Weimar (D)

The new Mustermarkt for Dehner with block-type thermal power station ...

Floricoltura Wielander

Location: Merano (I)

The customer flow system was completely rethought and the existing widespan construction dating from 2002 ...

Blumen Krigar

Location: Albstadt (D)

Blumenhaus Krigar, now in its third generation of management by the family, was planned as an all-inclusive project in 2013 ...

Vivaio Obojes

Location: Valdaora (I)

The Obojes Garden centre has taken on a remarkable appearance with the striking entrance facade ...

Gartencenter Pflanzen Mauk

Location: Lauffen (D)

The new build replaces the wing of a building dating from the nineteen seventies on the same site ...

Gartencenter Löwer

Location: Rossdorf (D)

The idea of a "factory outlet” was brought to life in this garden centre ...

Vivaio Nadalini Flor

Location: Trento (I)

The Nadalini family's long-established business was completely restructures. The existing old greenhouse ...

Gartencenter George

Location: Eschwege (D)

Renovation and new build while the garden centre stayed open for business. Approx. 1,200 m² of cold areas with porch ...

Floricoltura Schöpf

Location: Silandro (I)

By placing the greenhouse on top of a car park built into the hillside, the new garden centre blends ...

Pflanzenwelt Schaar

Location: Kall-Scheven (D)

A 6 metre high glass facade with green-tinted glass and green frames, the and entrance, constructed centrally ...

Dehner Garten-Center & Zoo

Location: Wels (A)

The first garden centre with the new Dehner CI in Austria. An extremely short construction ...


Location: Wörgl (A)

Rabensteiner constructed the garden centre with high-quality, heat-insulating materials ...

Blumenland Brugger

Location: Siezenheim near Salzburg (A)

Blumenland Brugger used a Rabensteiner Modulo Azzurro solution for their construction ...

Pfeffer Blumen

Location: Süßen (D)

This market garden, which sells direct to the public and is under the management of the fourth generation ...

Blumen Müller

Location: Schallstadt (D)

Three widespan greenhouses with an adjoining Venlo greenhouse for the cool area were constructed ...

Gartencenter Brockmeyer

Location: Gütersloh (D)

The third of Henry and Silke Brockmeyer's garden centres in Gütersloh was successfully completed in only five months ...

Gärtnerei Hamp

Location: Dettingen on the Iller (D)

New build of a new, state-of-the-art sales greenhouse as a widespan structure and Cabrio greenhouse ...

Floricoltura Mahlknecht

Location: Brunico (I)

The construction of sales facilities in the Venlo Method, combined with an entrance area ...

Gartencenter Bazle

Location: Göppingen (D)

In spring 2011 Irene and Michael Bazle's existing sales greenhouse facilities were extended by the new build ...

Gartencenter Löwer

Location: Hanau (D)

The fourth Löwer family garden centre with an optically striking, compact entrance area as a special feature ...

Gartencenter Wohlhüter

Location: Gundelfingen (D)

It is now several years since Rabensteiner was allowed to develop this tree nursery/arboretum into a fully-fledged garden centre ...

Pflanzen Breuer

Location: St. Augustin (D)

Very pretty green experience garden centre with high quality entrance area and advertising column with facade ...

Gartencenter Kremer

Location: Remscheid-Lennep (D)

The Kremer family have created their third and largest garden centre on 8,000 m² ...

Gartencenter Sunflower

Location: Frankfurt (D)

For one of our longest-standing customers, we were invited to create an entrance hall ...


Gastronomy a "must-have" in the garden centre?


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Sauter grün erleben at Lahr

On 05 April opened the garden centre Sauter at Lahr (DE). We wish every success!