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Planta S.s.

Location: Bressanone (I)

Services: Greenhouse with related structures

Construction period: June - November 2010

Construction method: Cabrio

Total area: 6,000 m²

Web site:

The fifth expansion of the nursery in Bressanone has been constructed as a state-of-the-art Cabrio facility. The roofing area has been constructed with special glass, which is low in iron oxide for better UV-permeability. A further feature worth noting is the heating system constructed from three systems, consisting of under floor heating, located in the lava floor, a hoist heating system and a top heating system, which also serves as the rails for the transport crane for the container.


Gastronomy a "must-have" in the garden centre?


now online available for reading!

Sauter grün erleben at Lahr

On 05 April opened the garden centre Sauter at Lahr (DE). We wish every success!