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Location: Brussels (NL)

ECF Farmsystems, the Berlin startup company, committed Rabensteiner, in the month of June, 2017, to make a 2,400sqm fruit and vegetable farm on the rooftop of a building in Brussels.

Hof-Laden Welz

Location: Fellbach (D)

“Buy where it grows!” Here’s our customer’s, Dominic Welz, direct regional business idea that immediately thrilled Rabensteiner.

Fico Eataly World

Location: Bologna (I)

FICO is a place where the wonders of the Italian agribusiness, wine and food are proposed. All the phases of the process are represented: starting from cultivation and breeding, through transformation, up to the moment in which they are served to our tables.

Hiedl GbR

Location: Altusried (D)

Because of the entry of the young generation in the company, the expert for heathers and erica has decided to expand the existing greenhouse.


Location: Vienna (A)

The greenhouses in the gardens of Belvedere build a bridge between the new and the historical.

Andreas Psenner & figli

Location: Caldaro (I)

The green house consists of a typical Venlo supporting structure with horizontal truss girders ...

Azienda Agricola Gremizzi

Location: Asola (I)

The 5.5 metre high supporting pillars, aluminium gutter, UV-permeable glass, which is one metre wide ...

Frikarti Stauden AG

Location: Grüningen (CH)

The leading garden centre for shrubs in Switzerland, renowned for the ecological production ...

Planta S.s.

Location: Bressanone (I)

The fifth expansion of the nursery in Bressanone has been constructed as a state-of-the-art Cabrio facility ...

Gruppo Padana

Location: Gaiarine and Paese near Treviso (I)

The operational expansion of this nursery firm resulted in well-nigh doubling the growing area ...


Gastronomy a "must-have" in the garden centre?


now online available for reading!

Sauter grün erleben at Lahr

On 05 April opened the garden centre Sauter at Lahr (DE). We wish every success!